1. Jenn Shuey Jenn Shuey United States says:

    It's not always possible to "get them tired" to fix a sleep problem with every child. My 5 year old has a sleep disorder and has been diagnosed with extreme hyperactivity along with other issues. We are a very active family who spends a lot of time outdoors each day together. We knew there was a problem when we purposely spent hours each day trying to "wear her out"playing with her, swimming, running, hiking as a family, and it didn't change the outcome one bit. At 5 yrs old it takes 3-4 hours to fall asleep (no matter what time she lies down) and still wakes every 45 min to an hour all night EVERY night without the help of melatonin. An average night's sleep is 5-6 hours max when you factor in how many times she wakes and how long she stays awake.

    I'm that mom who refuses to give my kids any pill unless it's absolutely needed. The only thing that has helped her fall asleep and stay asleep is Melatonin. I don't condone using it every night on a child, but if it taking it for a couple weeks at a time helps my daughter "reset" into a normal sleep cycle I'm all for it. There are side effects of the long term lack of sleep as well.

    • Kelly Church Kelly Church United States says:

      Thank you for telling your daughter's story. People who don't know what it is like to have a daycare provider tell you your kid has gone at 100 mph all day, didn't nap and you get them home and after dinner you run her ragged for a couple more hours, only to be falling asleep in their bed while trying to get them to sleep. While they are still up trying to shut their brains off.

      Then after a couple of days of this I end up having to call out of work (again- if this keeps up I'll end up being a stay at home mom by force) because she is so wound up and so tired that she can't function. I had plans last night and had to fork over $60 and then not attend because she is going through another round now and last night when I had a commitment to my own mother I had to cancel because my daughter was 'falling apart at the seams"

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