1. quixoticstranger quixoticstranger United States says:

    "Gayness is viewed as a form of demon possession by scripture and by billions of people."
    Not too long ago, scripture "taught" us that seizures were a form of possession by demons and that sickness and ill-health are curses put on us by god.
    Now we know that seizures are nothing more than your brain's electrical signals going haywire and we have the germ theory of disease.
    You may ask yourself why science is superior in explaining these phenomenon. The simple answer is that science can (1) makes predictions based upon its theories and (2) offer treatment and care a whole lot more effective than simple praying.

    Also, the belief that male-female relations are the only context for reproduction hints at a limited view of life in general. Did you know that hormones can completely change a frog from male to female and vice versa? (Link: www.livescience.com/.../...e-atrazine-100301.html) And what's more, the sex changed frog can reproduce. How does that fit into your context of perversion, sir?

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