1. Ahmed Noman Ahmed Noman Islamic Republic of Pakistan says:

    hi, im 30 and from pakistan and i also have a lazy eye problem.. when i was a kid i remember doctors used to say i have a squint.. but just after recently when i read it on the web that its actually the lazy eye that im suffering from becomes really frustrating.. i couldnt see from one eye properly even though my eye sight is 6 by 6.. more frustrating is that the vision is reducing from the effected eye every year.. i can pray to God that everyone included myself who is suffering from this disease should get rid of it..
    plus i have been flying kites all my childhood but that couldnt help either. so i dont think playing games would work.. i think its all lies inside our brain and very much related with the nerves, we actually lack power and energy in our nerves attached to the effected eye...
    wish you all good health folks!
    ahmed noman

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