1. Simon Hill Simon Hill Australia says:

    Your statistics suit your predetermined agenda. So,

    Yes, tobacco smoke in cigarettes is a killer. But, nicotine seems to be the ingredient that stops/inhibits the Covid-19 connecting to ACE2, the receptor the virus uses to infects cells. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying smoke. I am saying, think about nicotine.
    Tobacco is part of the nightshade family. So are eggplants, (green) tomatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers and others that contain a small amount (in comparison to tobacco plants) of nicotine. Now, who has the most consumption of eggplants - China followed by India and both these countries have a small infection rate given their population.
    Another way I was thinking about it is garlic which is good (seemly) for cold viruses. Garlic has a natural pesticide similar to "nightshade" family of plants i.e. nicotine. Assuming that COV-19 has kinda originated from bats and the bats eat insects, the insects can't eat nightshade plants, is it possible that when COV-19 encounters nicotine the virus gets blocked??
    I am focusing on nicotine - not smoking.

    • MG MG United States says:

      Firstly, Tom Og, you seem angry, stop SHOUTING.

      Secondly, You would have to eat 10kg of eggplants to get 1 cig worth of Nicotine. I'm not ruling it out though.

      I also looked at Covid deaths per million population vs percentage of people who smoke by country. I see a positive correlation, in fact, taking 18 notable countries. I also took a smaller group of countries that have similar cultures in Europe and depending on which I included I either get a positive correlation or no correlation.

      I was hoping to see a negative correlation because it would be awesome to have another tool to fight Covid. I'm not too excited about the data.

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