1. Desiree Desiree United States says:

    I've been a migraine sufferer for about half of my life. They got bad enough at some points to be debilitating on a personal and professional level, I had to call out of work on more than one occasion. I've even had to leave work due to sudden onset of one. My neurologist was no help, he insisted on prescribing me drugs for things that had nothing to do with migraines despite my insistence that I couldn't physically handle the dosage he was prescribing (little to no tolerance) and a complete lack of tests of ANY type by him. At my wits end and having to stop taking the drugs the neuro gave me due to developing a permanent cold feeling and near perpetual light-headedness and dizziness I contacted my primary care doctor with a theory. Acting on my theory he sent me to a chiropractor he'd worked with in the past whom I shall call Dr N. My first visit with Dr N went smoothly, he touched my neck and upper back gently and then sent me for x-rays wanting to rule out arthritis due to how locked up my neck was. Thankfully it came back negative and we progressed straight into treatment. After just one round tension in muscles I wasn't even aware of started to evaporate. Second treatment and nary a twinge and I have a range of motion with my head and neck I haven't had since kindergarten! And even better not a single twinge of a headache! Even with a desk job that often has me hunched over a computer for hours at a shot I feel better than I have in years. I'm even sleeping more soundly, falling asleep easier. Its blissful. I plan on requesting my neuro remove the 'diagnosis' he gave me on the grounds that no tests were done so therefore no legitimate conclusion could ever have been reached and I'd prefer not to have something on my medical record for a second time that does not pertain to me. (The first time was a filing error, I got someone else's sheet.) I'll be continuing to see Dr N periodically for adjustments as needed to keep the muscle and bone from getting that locked up again. If anyone out there is experiencing these debilitating headaches, please do yourself a favor and try the 'unconventional' treatment of a chiropractor. You just might be surprised.

    • spinal surgery spinal surgery United States says:

      I had spinal surgeries..after which I developed constant pain on my left leg and foot.Went on for a few years.
      It was terrible..tried all sorts of treatment NON HELPED
      Finally it was a Chiropractor that did the trick..I am now COMPLETELY HEALED.
      So to those who comes across articles that discredit Chiros...thinks again... may be some very strange intentions behind them.
      If you are suffering from chronic pain go try out a reputable chiro..first if it doesn't work then move on.
      Every one is unique and respond to different treatments.
      Just want to share.

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