1. Nancy Nancy Canada says:

    This article by ACOG is insanity.  Nothing can ever come above the fundamental human rights.  The ONLY person who has the right to choose what happens in birth is the birthing mother.  She is the ONLY authority and all ethics lie with being sure she has access to the information and skilled care providers to support her right to autonomy over her body.  To say that the professional responsibility can ever possibly come above someone's basic human rights is to say we no longer live in a free country.  When someone else has the right to decide what is OK or not OK to do with your body you are no longer free.  

    The evidence clearly support homebirth as a safe if not safer option than hospital birth.  

    ACOG makes fundamentally wrong assumption that women choose homebirth for increased patient satisfaction.  Women choose homebirth to create the safest possible birth for their baby, period.  No woman is choosing a better experience over the safety of her baby.  Home birth provides an environment where the physiology of birth is allowed to progress naturally which is safer for the life of the baby and for the life of the mother.  

    There is a huge oxymoron in the title of this article.  It is not possible to have a home-birth-like experience in a hospital.  Using that phrase makes it clear that the authors have not even begun to understand home birth.  Its not about having pretty pictures on the walls and a bigger bed.  It about normal physiology which cannot take place once you take a birthing mammal out of her own safe and private environment.  You cannot recreate home birth out of the woman's own home.  Even the home of another person is not the same as your own home.  The fact that you even have to consider who is around changes the outcome of birth. At home you know who is there because you invited them.  For a thousand more reasons it is not even comparable in the slightest.

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