1. Brinn Brinn United States says:

    This whole article, from its title to conclusion is nothing but a lap dog for prohibitionist propaganda.

    Simple fact: tobacco will kill you. Cannabis, on the other hand is a very safe and effective medicine.  One tobacco cigarette is more deadly than any quantity of joints.  In the United States alone 500,000 people die each year from tobacco consumption. Deaths from cannabis consumption: 0.

    Come on folks, let's get real. Bronchitis is nothing when compared to emphysema or lung cancer. Furthermore, cannabis has anti-tumoral properties, which is why long-term, chronic cannabis smokers were found (in a Brown University study) to have a reduced risk of head, neck and throat squamous cell when compared to NON-SMOKERS!

    That red herring about psychosis (debunked over and over again) tossed gratuitously into the last paragraph should indicate to anyone with half a brain what the real nature of this article is.

    News-medical.net should do their research before they simply regurgitate the junk science promoted by those who have a vested interest in keeping cannabis illegal (law enforcement, big-pharma, the drug testing, alcohol and tobacco industries).  

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