1. Bonnie Cowan Bonnie Cowan United States says:

    Honestly, ?   They keep bringing it back to the brain?  Feed us antidepressants? Well I hate to disagree with the use of Narcotics. It has been the only thing that gives me relief.  Unfortunately to bad your body becomes dependant on them. But truly what medication isn't?  All these meds listed your body becomes dependant on them! But if that is what it takes to have some sort of quality of life then so be it. I'm just so tired of getting preached at about Narcotics.  Like piss off already.  If it works for that individual then good! Why make it impossible to get the meds. It is our choice what we take not theirs.  Just frustrating because they truly don't know themselves it's all just guessing what it may or may not be causing fibromyalgia.  Noticed that they didn't mention anything about Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease?  We all know it is linked together,  that is if you truly have this disease.

    • Ellen Gershenbaum Ellen Gershenbaum United States says:

      I see an anesthesiologist/chronic pain specialist.  Don't waste your time with rheumatologists...they are useless.  My Dr has no problem prescribing narcotics to people who need them. No preaching, ever. He's more than happy to do it. He will try anything.

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