1. Vickie Tway Vickie Tway United States says:

    Until doctors take fm seriously and get on board with respecting it as a REAL illness with REAL life-changing consequenses for millions of us, all the research in the world will do no good.  Doctors must become more involved than whipping out the almighty rx pad as a way to shuffle us out the door.  Since doctors have no clue about nutrition, vitamins, supplements, or even common sense (all of which when combined can indeed help us recover)  we as patients must take the lead in healing ourselves.  We can not put our lives in their hands.  Disgusting, isn't it?  In fact, the current meds Dr. Clauw endorses for fibro are killing many people and causing irreparable damage.  I was very nearly killed by a serotonin syndrome-induced seizure.  Something that was never mentioned as a possibility by my doctor.  PLEASE be informed before taking fibro "miracle" drugs.  The side effects may far outweigh any benefit.  And as far as opiates not relieving fibro pain, that is utter rubbish!  I would much prefer to use a med that has been around for centuries for treating pain than to add these new screwed up checmical formulations we have now.  But now...the patient is treated as a criminal, pharmacies decide what they will allow doctors to fill, and doctors are afraid of losing their licenses, the govt thinks we are ALL trying to put one over on them, so basically, no one wins.  Its ironic that there  are plenty of statistics available for the number of people who supposedly die from opiate abuse.  But its very hard to dig up the number killed by prescribing errors and drugs prescribed in combination that even when taken correctly take people's lives.  The number of people diagnosed with fibro is growing.  If something doesn't turn around very quickly, the number of people who become disabled by this disease is going to ruin our healthcare system.  Something needs to happen now because - fibromyalgia is VERY real!!

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