1. Barry L. Friedberg, M.D. Barry L. Friedberg, M.D. United States says:

    Anesthesia administered without a brain monitor is not kind to your brain especially if you are over 50.

    Anesthesia over medication is the routine, nefarious 20th century practice.

    The brain monitor is the best available technology to dramatically reduce your risk of delirium, dementia & death from anesthesia over medication.

    21st century anesthesia pairs a brain monitor along with those for the vital signs.

    The brain monitor transforms the mystery of every patient's requirement into an open book test.

    Much more information in 'Getting Over Going Under, 5 things you MUST know before anesthesia.' All proceeds support the public education mission of the non-profit Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation.

    Book review: technorati.com/.../

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