1. alex burrall alex burrall United States says:

    This article fails to mention how many of these patients were vaccinated before contracting COVID. The VAERS data and masses of post vax testimonies suggest that people are suffering neurological problems from the mRNA shots at a far higher rate than those who had COVID. But will any mainstream media dare to report on these cases of vaccine injuries? No! Anyone who questions or expresses concerns about these new COVID vaccines, is labeled "antivax" and blamed for "spreading misinformation". Fauci's and Biden's word is not law, and the FDA tried to make us wait til 2075 to release Pfizer trial data that led them to get approved. Why? J&J is now restricted due to too many cases of blood clots, yet mainstream media reports on neurological side effects of these vaccines, or post vax deaths. They always want to blame COVID, a disease that has a 99% survival rate, and that most people get mild to zero symptoms from. So sad the truth has been hidden and obscured, still to this day.

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