1. Mattea Mattei Mattea Mattei Italy says:

    ... Scanning Electron Microscopy allows to see the shape of particles, their size and their arrangement in the tissue and even inside the cells,

    really in the first figure it is almost impossible to recognize red cells because both the shape (spheres) and dimensions (lower or equal to 4.2 microns) are wrong; in fact the shape would be a biconcave disk and the average dimension 7.5 microns. Further the white particle is not a nanoparticle being more than 1.5 micron in diameter

    and allows to use a sensor of equipment called EDS (Energy Dispersive System) that can give you an accurate analysis of the elemental composition of the particles you are observing.

    Author should explicitate what she means with “accurate”; the x-ray microanalysis is semiquantitative and elements at concentration lower than, generally, 0.2% are not detected. Further, being an “elemental analysis”, nothing can be said about the speciation state of the single element; so, it is impossible to state that they are present as particles “solid, inorganic, non-biodegradable”

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