1. Rudolph Gartner Rudolph Gartner United States says:

    This is a fabulous post, and highly timely. The conclusions and warnings from these bright researchers help to confirm the concerns that many folks, myself included, have, and have had for many years now, about the chemical creations that industrial food scientists have come up with to treat grocery shelf food products so that they become more sightly to the eyes, easy to swallow, and match our manipulated taste buds, as well as last longer on store shelves and on home shelves. It is now the time for the FDA to ask the Congress for legislative authority to regulate the food additives in grocery food products. It is high time that the public demand of food manufacturers that they return to producing wholesome, safe, and naturally tasteful food products. The public will be willing to pay for these, but the food industry needs also to absorb some of this future cost by halting its incessant drive to make more profit from dangerous and cheap food alteration manufacturing processes. Thank you.

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