1. Alex Fake Alex Fake Canada says:

    Hi is there anyone who truly understands this information out there able to make it understandable to a layperson.

    • Nate Klingenstein Nate Klingenstein United States says:

      Antibodies can be infection-enhancing, non-neutralizing, or neutralizing.  This article describes one of the ways in which antibodies are infection-enhancing in SARS-CoV-2; it basically rides them into other immune cells to infect them and totally wreak havoc on the immune system once it does.  When infection-enhancing antibodies overwhelm neutralizing antibodies, clinical ADE occurs.

      Delta has already evolved complete resistance to neutralizing antibodies from vaccines targeting the NTD, one of two major targets for antibodies in SARS-CoV-2.  It has even evolved to enhance the activity of the infection-enhancing antibodies.

      Basically, the virus can abuse antibodies for its own benefit in multiple ways, not just dodge them.  Delta's doing that right now and here's (part of) how.

      • Canada says:

        So does this mean that a previous immune response will allow the variants to infect for easily? If this is the case, how does the vaccine immune response compare to a natural infection immune response?

        • Anon Anon Anon Anon United States says:

          In short, yes; that is certainly a possibility.

          There are studies that can be searched that show Clinical ADE in animals when they tried to mRNA vaccinate them against viruses like SARS-CoV-2. Many of those studies showed high mortality rates of up to 85% or more.

          With the mRNA therapy, they send mRNA into your cells to program them to produce a certain antibody or a protein that will elicit your body to make an antibody against.

          With natural immunity, your body will produce many antibodies for different aspects of the virus including the different proteins on the surface of the envelope and the features of the capsid, and it will do it in a natural way that will reduce the risk of ADE.

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