1. Steven Kelley Steven Kelley United States says:

    I just read your article and it made sense to me. Which is why i can't understand why you have not gotten the handle on this yet. Have you ever tried the wash dishes with the washing machine running? When the washing machine is filling up the water pressure in the kitchen sick is barely there. Basically the water just fall out of the faucet into the sink. No force behind the water coming out of the faucet. Because of the lack of pressure not all of the crap cleaned off the dishes is washed out of the sink trap. Leaving a little remnants of the substance left from washing dish behind. Each time the dish are washed without the water pressure the remnants builds up over time.

    What i am saying is the blood clots are the washing machine cutting off proper blood flow pressure.Thereby causing the TAU tangles and Beta-Amyloid to not be completely flushed from the system. Leaving remnants that over time builds up to began causing physical problems. All these drugs being tested will not truly work, because they are trying to cure the effect and not the cause. Until the blood clots are taken care of and proper blow flood restored. Then they will not succeed with any cure that does not consist of a cure for the white blood cell clotting first. The return of proper blood flow will help with more than one of the drugs that fail to meet the TAU tangles and Beta-Amyloid levels needed to pass the FDA.

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