1. jnlewis32 .Nunya jnlewis32 .Nunya United States says:

    I have been dealing with pain off and on for 24 years and chronic pain since 2013. I try so hard to appear "normal" when I'm around others. I feel that this takes a lot of concentration as well. Could this also have an affect on my memory? I'm severely depressed (because my pain changed my world very suddenly) and in constant pain, yet I can still throw a smile on for people and I honestly don't even realize I do it. Like it's a built-in reaction. All I know is my pain is worse (and I've done every procedure there is to alleviate it) and my memory has become terrible in the past few months, to the point I get angry. I just wondered if this had anything to do with it since my meds barely help with pain let alone make me "loopy". Thanks!

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