1. Taha Abumaye Taha Abumaye United States says:

    Why not just take care of your heart and brain through constant aerobic exercise through dance and body movements. That’s a good deterrent from consuming drugs. And also be wise when it comes to eating food. Sit down and eat food. Plus don’t move your body a lot after eating. It’s just proper manners. And if you have to puke. Just do it. Oh and stay away from porn and drugs and alcohol. It messes up the heart, the brain and the lungs from functioning effectively. Not a good look at all. It’s really bad. Plus it induces or brings about psychosis which is bad. Trust me on this one okay. So just drink water or milk. Either way works really. And just constantly use your mind and body to it’s capacity and take a break when necessary. It’ll come naturally just like Selena Gomez said in her song. It comes naturally. Oh so naturally.

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