1. Dot Bird Dot Bird United Kingdom says:

    Please help, I am 53 and have had a lazy righty  eye since early childhood. Patching only helped for a short time and now as I am getting older my squint is getting worse, especially if I try an look at something a distance away, it is not as noticeable when you are close to me. I no longer look at people in the face or eyes when I talk to them, I walk around with my head down so no-one notices my squint, I am embarrassed to have any photo's of me taken as it is very noticeable in photos of yourself. Please can you help? I have been offered surgery to correct it cosmetically but I have  been told that I must be awake during it and I just couldn't stand it, I'm very squeamish when it comes to eyes. I am at a kiss, please help, thank you.

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