1. Greg Beattie Greg Beattie Australia says:

    I'm sorry Kieran but there is no detail of any contact between the family and the group in that article. There is, however, reference to a letter sent from the Director Public Health to the family advising that Ms Dorey made enquiries.

    To me, the enquiry doesn't seem out of place. The letter, on the other hand, does seem without purpose.

    From what I can make out the family appear to have become activists in a sense by joining a group called 'Stop the AVN' and speaking out about them. When the AVN defended themselves the family have cried 'harrassment'. I can see no other evidence of harrassment, at least nothing of substance.

    Claims are being reported without being backed up with substance. You may have a different opinion. I see there is a very organised movement to destroy the AVN. Whether or not that is a noble cause is entirely seperate from the issue of integrity in reporting.

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