1. Randel Dobson Randel Dobson United States says:

    Is this article a joke? Every Type 2 diabetic I know has been told to limit their carb intake. Not sure where this report got its information, but anyone dealing with type 2 knows to limit carbs. Now, of course, many patients don't, therefore they have to take medication, but its not for misinformation...just life choices.

    • Laurie Reinhart Estrada Laurie Reinhart Estrada United States says:

      Are they told to limit to 20 gms a day or less?   And does the current Diabetic Education support that instruction by providing meal plan examples, LCHF resources?

    • Douglas Lehman Douglas Lehman United States says:

      I think Randel, that the point of the article is that by advising Type 2 diabetic folks to continue with the level of carbohydrate intake that you reference in your limited carb intake comment, that would be akin to advising a 2 pack per day smoker to consider moving to 1 pack or so. Wouldn't that be the case?

    • Erskien Lenier Erskien Lenier United States says:

      Every cell in the human body runs on sugar - glucose. The brain runs exclusively on glucose. This article is the stupidest claim of science yet. Fruits are the innate foods of humans who are a part of the primate tribe. Calorie - carb restriction will create far more diabetics.... I've helped tons of people lose the symptoms of diabetes by adopting a fruit centered high carb low fat low protein diet.

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