1. sicntired sicntired Canada says:

    I am not basing my comments on rats or anecdotal evidence but on personal and peer group study. It doesn't work for me and it never worked for any addict I ever knew that was brave enough to try it. Problem is that heroin (I assume this is personal and therefore adult) makes you violently ill and cannabis does very little to prevent initial onslaught and nothing once 36 hours has passed. A person would have to want to quit to the exclusion of all else and if that dedicated Ibogain would be a far better choice. I have never tried it but have heard that it is much like bella donna and once the high is over the desire to use is gone forever. I remember a fellow named William S Burroughs who swore the same about apo morphine.It worked for him but I found no one else who could say the same.As I mentioned,I do know a person who quit methadone with cannabis but the sickness,although much extended is nowhere near as violent.They do have a clinic here that is using the cannabis capsules with varying degrees of success on methadone patients.I have other information on that but it's better it remains untold.I think it comes down to length of addiction,severity and mental acuity.

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