1. Armenion Armenion Armenia says:

    I'm gay. I don't remember a day I woke up and decided: "Hey, no girls. From now on, boys only!" Since my early childhood I felt and experienced my that peculity, and I realized and naturally accepted it later, so naturally.

    I'm gay. I pray to my Creator/s thanking Him/Them for all the things I'm granted as a human being and as a personality. I ask Him for the guidance and Light, asking not to allow me to be blinded by my own or by other people's ignorance. I thank Him I can witness the Rebirth of the Spring, the "coming-out" of the Sun evety day.

    I'm gay. And I want to find another gay like me and live happily with him, in Harmony with the Worlds that surround us. And I want to have my own children later, biological or not, better if both. To share my Love, Knowledge, Joy and whatever I have and will have. I want to have my own child, to carry on the Circle of Life, not being the Alfa, not being the Omega, just a circle. I'm gay. And I'm so OK.
    May my corrupted mind be fixed, if I'm wrong. Though I do not hurt anyone, do not hate anyone.

    I'm not a "straight" christian who is proud of himself, happy he'll go "up", hating those who will go "down".

    LLP to us all, which is Love, Light and Peace

    • Sag Sag United States says:

      Boy, you can't resist nailing the Christians, now can you?  That is the problem I have with Gaytards.  Every religion in the world forbids homosexuality, yet you never fail to thrash a Christian.

      And that my dear proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that gays have a rebrobate mind.  Case closed!

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