1. Mary Miller Mary Miller United States says:

    We are individuals, and because this condition is still considered a "syndrome", meaning more than one way to get this condition,  still means, there is no one way to 'attack' fibro pain. Saying this, does not mean don't try anything that could help.  It's clear from this article, that they want you to not use opioids or other analgesics for pain, but for SOME this is the only relief they get.  It's a new "deal" now to pull everyone off of opioids, and in some areas, (like Montana) they will not even bother prescribing them for fibro.

    Personally, having spent years involved in the "fibro fight" since 1986, I can tell you that opinions (and findings) come and go.  Very few people btw, get any relief from Lyrica (which I believe is the aim of this article is intending when discussing peripheral pain, otherwise known as neuropathy.  The statistics on this drug are not well liked by users:  less than 20% find any relief from this drug, because it just doesn't cut the pain, leaves people groggy, and unable to function.  The older method of SSRIs, and SNRIs are also a problem for many, because of something called "serotonin syndrome" that doctors know little about, but is life threatening.

    There are many non allopathic methods suggested here (amino acids, Acti Patch, not in the US, essential oils, acupuncture, et al), so I am adding in my voice:  cannabis.  Yep, the dreaded word.  As with anything suggested here, what works for one, may not be the answer for you.

    There are blends of cannabis strains (called hybrids), that can relieve pain without getting stoned (HIGH CBD, low THC) but you need enough THC in the plant so you get pain relief.  No one is advocating getting stoned. No one is also advocating smoking it either.  Cannabis can't kill you.  A factor not found in Opioid treatment (remember I said something about serotonin syndrome?  This is part of the problem with over dumping the system with serotonin leaving the person with severely high temperature, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and systematic shut down).  

    As someone who managed NOT to die from serotonin syndrome, what I can say is that I am only left with cannabis as a treatment specifically to deal with pain.

    I would highly suggest before attempting anything alternative, to find a good practitioner, naturalpathic, homeopathic, nutritionist, herbalist, or complimentary medicine doctor of any kind that is best able to suggest YOUR course of action based on YOUR body, and your fibro.

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