1. Thomas Samaras Thomas Samaras United States says:

    You need to compare taller and shorter people of the same body type or proportions. If you do that, taller people weigh a lot more in terms of their surface area. Thus they lose less water in proportion to their body weight as well as less body heat.

    A number of studies have found that taller people eat more. You can't get and maintain a bigger body without costs. One of these costs is the need for more water and food. However, tall  individuals may have lower metabolic rates than the average short person. In this case, they may require fewer calories but they still need more minerals and vitamins to meet the needs of their larger bodies.

    Our society prefers taller people for leadership positions but that does not mean all successful or wealthy people are tall. David Murdock is 5'4 and is one of the richest men in the world. Mayor Bloomberg is also quite wealthy and relatively short.

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