1. steve schneider steve schneider United States says:

    You're going about this backwards, as if you are just reiterating sentiment from CNN.  How about: until scientific research/study proves that immunity from prior COVID infection has a short lifespan, a vaccine is NOT necessary for those with prior infection? You can't have it both ways in the "follow the science" debate, which is soooo clearly skewed by politicians and Main Stream Media.

    I am NOT injecting a foreign concoction into my body to fight a virus my body has naturally defended itself against 20 months ago: especially when reinfection data/study (like this) states it's unnecessary and the long term affects of the vaccine are obviously untested.  If you are going to make the argument that I, and all prior infected people, need to take the vaccine because it has a positive health/science implication then please attach a link to the study that argues the point.

    Love the lack of philosophically backwards train of thought among those advocating for mass vaccinations.

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