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  1. Ben Ross Ben Ross United States says:

    So this post is basically saying that all the semen enhancing products out on the market today are a scam. I refuse to believe this, I once talked to a pornstar at a convention and he told me that aside from eating healthy, he also took pills. I believe this post is a bunch of BS, where is the proof to this claim, oh that's right, there is none.A bunch of Here say from a doctor that nobodies ever heard of. It's to discourage people from taking products that can improve their personal sex life, most likely also to prevent people from buying certain pills from bad companies that can be harmful to the body, but that doesn't include the ones that actually know their stuff. You're not fooling anyone with this post and you aren't stopping anything.

    • Azusa Cha Azusa Cha Canada says:

      I think you should take your own advice, and look for the proof of claim that supplement pills can increase semen volume. Oh that's right, there is none. That is why there is a fine print, stating that the FDA has not approved the product for any such claims on increasing semen volume.

      The only "Proof" you'll find to support these pills are marketing endorsements from porn stars.

      ExtenZe pills are another example of the garbage health pills out there to prey on insecure men with small penises. It is ridiculous to think that there is a pill that specifically targets the penis to grow longer. If this were true, why don't we have pills to enhance the size of our hands? Or our feet? Or pills that make us taller? Why can't short people pop this magical pill to make fulfill their dreams of becoming a basketball star. Because they don't exist.

      Luckily, there are likely no risks to a person's health from eating these bogus pills. The only real damage done is to your wallet. If it gives naïve people peace of mind to think their small dick is growing, or that they are actually increasing their semen volume, then let them throw their money away.

      • Albert Adriano Albert Adriano Philippines says:

        I think that it can increase a semen volume, but not permanently!

      • IM Baller IM Baller United States says:

        I am not a doctor.  I am in no way a porn star.  I have no dog in this fight whatsoever.  The volume pills do work, and they work well..at least the two brands that I have tried..both made a huge difference.  Sorry...I see a Canadian flag by your post, so perhaps the medical profession there is a bit behind on this topic.  I can only suggest that you educate yourself more before dispensing information as if it is fact.  `I will only ask one thing, try it yourself if you are a male, and then report back here.  I will be watching for your posts.

        • Guillermo Rodriguez Guillermo Rodriguez Netherlands says:

          So what two brands did you try?

          • James Smith James Smith United States says:

            I can tell you personally that taking arginine, lecithin, zinc and pygeum have DRAMATICALLY increased my semen production. Huge amounts of preseminal fluid and then gushing loads. I am not selling these products, they are generic. I have also found that sudafed (pseudoephedrine) seems to draw fluid into my ejaculate and makes it fuller but watery. These physicians who make claims with such certainty scare me.

    • David Irimia David Irimia United Kingdom says:

      I agree Ben, she's just following the boring grey dull basically lying established medical information based on flawed studies and biased data. Nothing new there then when it comes to the MSM spewed info on everything from cholesterol to vaccines - it's all total lies if you really look into it.

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