1. Elizabeth Hewitt Dawes Elizabeth Hewitt Dawes United Kingdom says:

    My Husband has recently found out hes got this awful illness and I hate seeing him in such pain but I'm glad to say I signed a petition to get a Patch put on NHS. The patch is called ACTI PATCH you can buy it at your big Boots  it is pricey but worth every penny it last up to 720 hours and costs £16.00, if you purchase one try get the one with the belt as the patch its self comes on it's own for same price. Since my Husband has worn his and only takes it off to bath I can honestly say it WORKS and I'm pleased to see him smile instead of looking in so much pain, like he tells me the pain is there but NOT as bad and most of all it's chemical free so ya not damaging your organs and your not putting chemicals in your body. Good Luck if you try it.xx

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