This is bullcrap in the first degree. i know. i am living proof. i am bipolar and the best thing i have found to help me was marijuana. i smoked it for 20 years. it wasnt until one day i decided to get on medication for my illness to see if it would help me more, and all it done was made things worse, and i mean a whole lot worse, to the point of trying to commit and almost succeeding , suicide twice in a year. i never had these problems that i have now when i was just smoking marijuana. i want so badly to get off of these disabilifying medications and to be able to smoke marijuana and be okay again, but once you start these medications, it is dangerous to stop them. so yeah, im worse off now then i was back then. and considered a criminal if i smoke marijuana. marijuana is GOD made, and he makes no mistakes. yet it is illegal. but oh its okay to be prescribed all sorts of MAN MADE pharmacheuticals that KILL.  BULLCRAP I TELL YA, PURE BULLCRAP.

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