1. Tricia Westgate Tricia Westgate United States says:

    Every five years or so, you Drs get together and try to decide how to explain and treat patients with Fibro. So far all of your efforts have been horrible failures most often resulting in the patient being much sicker and with other diseases caused by years of prescribing the wrong drugs.Now we're all just fat and need Physical Therapy even though it lands us in bed after 9 x out of 10. What the hell,at least we're getting out of the house huh? Sound bitter...yeah, I am! Stop acting as if you know what this disease is like..you spend every min. of every day in some level of pain,you cry every time the water from the shower hits your body, you cancel your life because you're just too drugged up to show up for your life.Then you say"No more pain killers for you all and cancel the huge amts of pain killers people have been on for years causing 4 suicides (that I personally know of)I'm sure there are many more. But we're not able to be classified as disabled..now we're just supposed to suck it up and deal with it all...the chronic fatigue,the depression,the weight gain, the serotonin disorders and osteoarthritis (all caused by the wrong meds. for so long).Now pain management is a 200.$ pee test like some criminal only to be placed on drugs not meant to treat Fibro...again causing some wicked side effects like loss of vision,increased mental confusion,bleeding ulcers on the tongue and mouth...etc. But we're still told to buck up..we know how to treat this.I call BS,you are no closer to understanding this disease now than you were 25 years ago because you spend too much time and effort telling everyone what you think it is not and by being lead by the Pharmaceutical companies to try the next new drug which was created for some other disease but didn't work so let's give it to the Fibro patients...at least the companies will get some of the money they put out!!!Don't any of you remember the oath that you took...you know the part where it says "do no harm?"Keep your revelations to yourselves,we no longer have faith in you, you have lost our trust! We are much better off searching for alternative therapies for treatment.You all should be ashamed of the way you have treated this population of patients!!! You have ruined people's lives, broken people's families apart!!You won't be giving us anymore A! HA! moments! We are done being your guinea pigs!!

    • Ellen Gershenbaum Ellen Gershenbaum United States says:

      I've been on SS disability for 15 yrs. We absolutely qualify for it!  Don't know where you got that info! Go to a SS disability lawyer and have lots of medical proof.

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