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  1. Dawn Radican Dawn Radican United States says:

    So, I've had positive Rheumatoid Nodules since age 16, at age 25 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I've had the nodules removed several times and each time they are positive rheumatoid nodules.  I was on plaquenil and methotrexate, however, I came off methotrexate in 2009 due to pregnancy.  I was then taken off of plaquenil in 2011 due to testing positive for Lupus.  This was the ONLY time I have EVER had abnormal blood work.  I now live in a different state than originally diagnosed and the Rheumatologist I went to pulled all of my records and has said that she recognizes the fact that the nodules are rheumatoid nodules, but that since ALL my blood work came back normal, there is NO WAY I have rheumatoid and that after she spoke with the pathologist regarding my nodules that it was determined that my rheumatoid nodules are being caused by fibromyalgia.  I NEED ADVICE!  Everything I've read says that if you have rheumatoid nodules, you've got RA.  I need help and advice to be able to fight for my health.  I am in so much paid daily without my meds its ridiculous...I felt better and had a lot better quality of life while on the meds.

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