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  1. Anthony Flora Anthony Flora United States says:

    So livid with every resource telling me the treatment is to "avoid" these fragrances, thats the whole problem, WE CAN'T. I would love to get out of my customer service job, but I have to go to school for that, WHICH I AM. Take a wild guess where im being exposed to these perfumes/fragrances, AT work and At school. The Symptoms impair our ability to succeed, i get off work and am COMPLETELY wiped out because immune system has been over-active all day just so some un-educated person can have their luxury of scent. The only treatment we have for our skin rashes are extremely powerful, steroid creams which are extremely expensive and un-healthy. Trust me suffers like me, are not having problems at home, its when we go out and try to live our lives. We have a right to breath, and eventually the world will catch on, because our numbers are growing.

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