1. Matt Riley Matt Riley Australia says:

    What garbage, this study is looking to find problems to report about cannabis use, not scientifically trying to see what's going on. The cannabis use is because of the bipolar disorder in the vast majority of cases. Effectively your study means very little which is of any consequence but none the less it sends a message to everyone who reads it that cannabis is bad, be scared of it. This type of fear mongering serves no benefit to society. It continues an entrenched prejudice against cannabis users in society. A prejudice which allows cannabis prohibition to continue despite the fact that cannabis prohibition causes far more damage to peoples lives than cannabis ever has or ever will.

    Why is it that none of these studies ever look at the benefits that the cannabis users feel they receive from their cannabis use? Simple, there is prejudice. This is why society allows cannabis users to be discriminated against in so many ways. Employment opportunities lost, careers destroyed on the basis of a urine test with no actual workplace incident or problem occurring, police harassment and the threat of the criminal justice system. Stigma and attitude from people in society, nasty looks from neighbours. Isolation in the community, a loss of support networks. Family breakdown and discrimination against cannabis users in the family court. All of these things hurt cannabis users. Cannabis users are people. People make up society.

    Your article is supporting a system that creates prejudice to keep pharmaceutical companies profitable and it does so at the societies cost. Grow a conscience.

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