1. Bex Wilson Bex Wilson United Kingdom says:

    To whom this may concern.
    I am writing to you to make you aware of a product that could greatly benefit women suffering PGP.
    Through my journey of PGP I discovered that women in Scandinavia are using a 'maternity slide sheet'. This product is as commonly used and known off as a breast pump. It helps women with turning and movement both during and after pregnancy.

    The reason this product is of special interest to women suffering  PGP is that it can prevent much of the inflammation that is the root of the pain PGP suffers experience. Maternity slide sheet helps women glide from one side to the other whilst in bed;  Sitting up in bed;  Getting in and out of the bed; Getting up from the sofa;  Getting in and out of the car.

    A maternity slide sheet is used to aid all of these movements that are so difficult for PGP sufferers as well as women who have caesarean sections. It is of equal importance that the exercises recommended by yourselves and physiotherapists are used whilst turning and moving when using the maternity slide sheet. It is therefore not replacing anything but rather complementing and improving the services provided by yourselves and physiotherapists who specialised in PGP.

    The reason I have become so passionate about this product is because I felt cheated that women in other countries are recommended by physiotherapists at maternity wards and other PGP specialists  to use a maternity slide sheet as aid for movement but UK seems to be behind on this one. There is no argument that I have come across so far in not recommending this product to women with PGP.
    As a part of the NHS in Denmark and in Iceland a ‘maternity slide sheet’ is prescribed to women who are categorised as severe sufferers of PGP. I think it would be of benefit to your clients to be made aware of this product as NHS is not catching on it yet like other societies are.

    Many thanks for reading this email, I am looking forward to receiving your response to my suggestion.

    Best wishes,
    Bex Wilson

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