1. dotty dotty United Kingdom says:

    I am afraid to try the morphine patches I have been precribed after reading the side affects and being addicted to them I have had spine surgery I am in more pain now than beforethe consultant said he damaged the nerves  can anyone advise me I don,t want to be like  azombie but the pain is unbearablr regards dotty

    • Kevin Kevin Australia says:

      I am a 37 year old man and I suffer from osteoporosis,fibre myalgia ,scoliosis,and celiac disease and I have just started on the morphing patches and they are giving me no side effects for the first day a felt a little sick in stomach but that past and now I feel great they are much better than tablets I think as they will not do bad things to the inside of your body so I would say give it a go it worth it Dotty

    • christopher harrison christopher harrison United Kingdom says:

      dotty if you are in a lot of pain take the morphine if you have any kind of lung problems don't it will make your breathing very bad like me ive been lied to by my gp who was giving me every month antibiotics when it was the morphine but as a pain releaf its going to do the job good luck dotty

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