1. Agate Karevoll Agate Karevoll United Kingdom says:

    I'm fighting for my life in the face of attacks by GP and endo****, and shall I say generic hydrocortisone not up to scratch. (That must also be illegal.)  After 40 years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism, 30 with classic ME symproms, 10 in adrenal failure and severe illnesses brought on by this, I have also developed an inability to convert T4, and then absorb T3 into the cells.  T4 gives me high BP and pulse, and only T3 over 100mcg lets my brain function.  I managed with 35mc Cortef, but with the generic I need twice as much.  These 'experts' are having kittens, but I am beginning to function.  So they are reducing dosages without titration.  It is not what is travelling in my blood, but what actually is happening within my cells which determines my health, or lack of it.  The waste of NHS funds on me over the years have been prodigious, add to it breakdown of family and prosperous business.  For myself as well, and having already lost my son (influenza - weak adrenals, look up the connection), I have watched my daughter struggling, and trying to cover up her poor stamina, since she was 10, she is now 25. I watch her going through the stages I had at her age, clearly I have passed it on.  Her doctor tells her how healthy she is. There is politics in this, WAKE UP.  The human engine is infinately more complicated that a car engine, don't pretend anything else.  And with many variables, one equation cannot give an answer.  That is elementary.

    • gillian broughton gillian broughton United Kingdom says:

      I have suffered for over 20 years with underactive thyroid, I also had my healthy ovaries removed. I have had broken relationships, miscarriages, living of benefits due to depression, my G.P as always treated me for depression and not the cause, I've spent hundreds on myself to try and regain my health back to normal. My only son is suffering and also has to pay for diagnosis and treatment. I have had more investigations on me wasting money instead of looking at the real cause thyroid, GPs are at best useless at treating thyroid sufferers.

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