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  1. Skuzzabuzz Skuzzabuzz United States says:

    I must sleep so deep. My dreams are like real life. Thats ok, but I find myself (daytime)sleepy all of the time. Am I in too much REM??  OR could it be something else. By the way, my dreams are great. Always crazy adventures. but many times I wake up and can't move for a bit. And at times its incorporated into my dream. Ie: something chasing me and i am frozen in place trying to run.

    • Melissa Bornbach Melissa Bornbach United States says:

      I read an article suggesting that worrying can cause too much rem sleep and not enough restorative sleep. This can be why sufferers of depression feel fatigue since they have too much REM sleep
      . The article suggested that getting emotional needs met during the day could lead to less worrying and help with the sleep cycle thus helping depression. So, if you were in too much REM, that might make you tired. I used to have dreams where I'd feel frozen. Often I'd be paralyzed while floating and levitating. I would float all over the place. I once saw my cat and tried to speak but couldn't. I wondered why I couldn't float somewhere pretty like outside. So, one night I floated outside into the bright day and floated up into the blue sky and looked down at the flowers. It was so pretty. After that, the sleep paralysis stopped.

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