1. Dorsey Greene Dorsey Greene United States says:

    After a 29 year Army Career I had a lot of injuries and Sarcoidosis and 100% disability rating from the VA. I have been prescribed Opioids for pain for the last 15 years. I was started on Morphine then Fentanyl, Methadone and back to Fentanyl due to the Heart rythm elongation problem Methadone can cause. I had a Stress test done 2 years before at age 61 and results were my Heart was like a 19 year olds. I would like to get off Opioids but I don't know how I could live with the pain, I could not walk, sit or stand. I guess that I will be on Opioids till I die. If there is ever proof that Marijuana in some form would help with pain I would try it if I live in a State where it is legal.

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