1. Bruce Sumner Bruce Sumner Canada says:

    As a person without MS and having friends that do, I have followed the CCSVI information and resultant dialogue with interest.  I support clinical trials that will hopefully get to the bottom of things.  However, I am tired of the slagging and flaming of anything negative to the CCSVI Pro-Zamboni Lunatic Fringe by its adherents.  It is emotional and irrational.  You are doing only a disservice to your cause by trolling the boards and hammerblowing your opinions.  It is turning people off and you have turned me and my friends off.

    • Suzanne Augustt Suzanne Augustt Ireland says:

      Emotional.....yes. Irrational.....No. If a person's veins are blocked, narrowed, occluded or twisted regardless of whether or not they have MS then it makes sense to fix these veins. If a vein was blocked from any major organ in the body, e.g. the heart, liver, kidney then they would be fixed, why then should a person with problems in their veins draining from the most vital organ, the brain, not be fixed. They say treating CCSVI is a risky procedure....there are risks with any surgical procedure...there are even risks taking a paracetemol...what do you think are the risks with not treating blocked veins and the possibility of never having those known blocked veins fixed..Unfortunately clinical trials are going to take years to complete and people with MS don't have those years to wait..they need to be fixed ASAP. The MSer's commenting have been studying CCSVI solidly for months on end and that's why they appear to get annoyed when other less informed people comment. I myself do not have MS my husband has and both his jugular veins are stenosed.

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