1. Izar Talon Izar Talon United States says:

    I just LOVE hearing these homophobic screeds from "Christians."  Let's just ignore for now the fact that this homophobic stuff is from the Old Testament, which Jesus is supposed to have swept away with his sacrifice, and the fact that homosexuality is just as much a sin as banking is, according to the Bible.  Let's just ignore that for now.  

    The verses of the Bible which condemn homosexuality are condemning specific acts of homosexuality, namely the ritual homosexual practices of other religions, including Roman cults and non Hebrew Semitic tribes religious practices.  THAT is what was being condemned in the Bible; the worship of other gods through ritual homosexual rites, NOT homosexuality in all forms.  Read the Bible in it's original language, and not in the interpreted translations passed down from one increasingly intolerant generation to the next.  Entirely different terms are used for general homosexuality and for forbidden ritual sexual practices, which were conflated in translation by none-to-exacting translators.  

    Get some education about what your religion REALLY says about things, instead of relying on talking heads and pedagogues.  

    • Luis Luis United States says:

      Actually Romans 1:26-32 talks about homosexuality as an immorality, and thats the new testament. Stop trying to sound so smart and actually read the bible before claiming you know what it says, you're the one who is relying on talking heads and pedagogues, except they're athiests.

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