1. Janice Kirkland Janice Kirkland United States says:

    I am 60 years old and living with fibro for 30 some years. It first started in my hips as the years went on it then progressed to my entire body. I didn't understand where or what the pain was from until several years after I heard about fibro. And it fit my systems spot on. But I still didn't go to a doctor because I didn't know what to explain to them how I felt dum of me I guess. When I finally went to a doctor all they ever treated me with was antidepressants  and none of them helped. And neurontin but it didn't work either. So I have quit complaining and still living with chronic pain everyday. And I can't function do any house work, and I have to force my self to cook a meal for me and my husband. And dishes have to wait until the next day. I can't walk 20 or 30 feet my hips, legs and legs hurt so bad. I am so tired of this pain.

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