1. Scott Goodman Scott Goodman United States says:

    I can attest this is true.  I have Crohn's Colitis and also use cannabis to treat its symptoms.  It seems to help avoid flare-ups, and with adjustments to diet you can live an almost normal life.
    Once the medical cannabis exemption law went into effect in Oakland, California in 1996 where I lived, I was able to ween myself off prednisone, asacol, and sulfasalazine.   I have yet to have a big flare-up since.   A little pot each day staves it off...  It seems to calm the plexus, but not sacrifice motility.  It may also decrease inflammation down there.

    I am a long term patient and I know what I know.  Cannabis medicine helps this condition, and many others too.

    • harsh harsh India says:

      Hi there, can you please tell me in details as to how do you take cannabis for this - what quantity, and how do you get hold of cannabis, regards
      [email protected]

    • Simon Fox Simon Fox United Kingdom says:

      Hi bud I suffer bad from ulcerative colitis, use loads of drugs, for years, went to Amsterdam on vacation, smoked some marjowana, diahoreah, stomach cramps, loss of energy wear all a lot better, now im home in UK I cant use it as its illegal here still, If I take it im breaking the law, our govt needs to licence this for medical patients, its mad

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