1. Anna G Anna G Canada says:

    my name is Anna. I am eighteen years of age and was born with Amblyopia. I had done patching most days a minimum of a few hours (or the whole day) from the age of two to the age of ten. From there I continued to do it every day for a couple hours until I was fifteen. Around the age of eight (after having been patching for eight years) was when I hit the point where my lazy eye successfully got to the point of just being legally blind. From there I have continued to progress and can now read with my lazy eye with my glasses (with focus and time but still). I am, however, still lacking depth perception, and need to wear glasses for both eyes. This isn't much of an issue though, as I have naturally adapted to seeing 2D (seeming I didn't even realize I didn't have depth perception until I was thirteen).
    I was wondering if laser eye surgery could be a possible option for me to at least make it so that I would be able to see at least to the point where my glasses/contacts can get me? My depth perception is a lost hope at this point but it doesn't make much of a difference in my life anyway.
    Also, if any parents have any questions for me about growing up as a child with severe amblyopia feel free to respondSmile

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