1. Anna G Anna G Canada says:

    my name is Anna. I am eighteen years of age and was born with Amblyopia. I had done patching most days a minimum of a few hours (or the whole day) from the age of two to the age of ten. From there I continued to do it every day for a couple hours until I was fifteen. Around the age of eight (after having been patching for eight years) was when I hit the point where my lazy eye successfully got to the point of just being legally blind. From there I have continued to progress and can now read with my lazy eye with my glasses (with focus and time but still). I am, however, still lacking depth perception, and need to wear glasses for both eyes. This isn't much of an issue though, as I have naturally adapted to seeing 2D (seeming I didn't even realize I didn't have depth perception until I was thirteen).
    I was wondering if laser eye surgery could be a possible option for me to at least make it so that I would be able to see at least to the point where my glasses/contacts can get me? My depth perception is a lost hope at this point but it doesn't make much of a difference in my life anyway.
    Also, if any parents have any questions for me about growing up as a child with severe amblyopia feel free to respondSmile

    • Stacey Hoover Stacey Hoover United States says:

      My son is 18 and was born with amblyopia too. He has tried the patching since he was 5 off an on and has had multiple prescription glasses that he would not wear because he couldn't see out of his bad eye with them at all. His other eye is 20/20. His eye Dr told him that there is no treatment (other than patching), and no corrective surgery available. Have you found out anything new since your post in 2019? I would love to hear from you.
      Thank you,

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