1. Kate Jewel Kate Jewel United States says:

    The Mediterranean diet ignores the enormous ecocidal destructiveness and inconceivable cruelty of commercial fishing and the dairy industry.  There is zero need for any animal protein consumption. I am 75. My doctor describes blood test results as "perfect" and "excellent". I can hike up to 35-40 miles a week. I consume no animal protein. Compartmentalized thinking--not factoring in the harm to nature in our diet choices--is so dangerous: biodiversity loss; mass extinction; global heating. Dolphins are smashed into by commercial fishing vessels; they are frequently severely wounded, but may take weeks or months to die.  Manatees, seabirds, and all marine life are affected by the fishing industry's pollution. Deforestation, habitat loss, water pollution, and the most grotesque cruelty are linked to factory farming. Every time we consume animal protein we pay for someone to torture/abuse and kill cows. How is that ethical? A healthy diet can only be one that cherishes nature, of which we are a part, however much we ignore it.

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