Person smoke maryJ since 12 and has no other drugs in there life. The person was forced to stop or loose there job at the age of 61 after being reported at work. Within 6 month the user who quite cold turkey was having trouble standing up or walking with motor skills issues showing. Person was falling and experiencing symptoms like Parkinsons. They had to quite there job due to safety risk and started seeing doctors who originally diagnosed as parkinson's but they where un aware of the long term use of maryJ. The drugs proscribed did not help so after a long talk they began using again to try and see if it improved or stopped symptoms progression.
    After about a week or two it had stopped progression but did not reverse symptoms. The person has made ther doctors aware of his long term use and now is on medical MaryJ but motor skills are slowly declining. Now 66 the user seems stuck in a hopeless situation, this study and ones like it could expose the darker side of MaryJ.
    It is noted that there is not proof the user did not have parkinson's underlying and the use was preventing it from showing itself. But there are also reports of parkinson's symptoms with long term drug use or head trauma wich this person's has had both in there life.
    Hope this study and ones like it leads to a better understanding for future generations.
    Here's to a better world for the future,

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