1. Niels Niels Netherlands says:


    I'm on my iPhone so I won't type a long comment.
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the best way to take it is to vaporize it. If you do this the marihuana will be heatened till around 200 degrees Celsius, if this happened the THC an the cannabinoids will vaporize. But the harmful chemicals won't.

    I'm 17 right now, have Crohn's disease since I was around 14 and I started smoking marihuana regularly since almost a year now. It has helpe me to quit smoking ciggarets and to quit the medicin prednison.

    • Joe Draper Joe Draper United States says:

      this was posted to my fb wall, so I had to register, and tell you what I've heard. RICK SIMPSON OIL is another alternative to this illness. RUN FROM THE CURE can help start your journey to better health, I cant say smoking it is better then the oil.  but alot of folks I my wall use it different forms, If it was legal to use in the state I live and I could grow it myself I would.

      Not to smoke it, I would like to try juicing it, there's a You tube video Named LEAF (the health benefits of juicing cannabis). It is very enlightening. It proposes that heating the plant lowers its healing qualities/properties. Anyhoot I hope any of you can try it and tell the world how it help crohn's / ulcertive colitis/ this plant helps so many more disease/illnesses. If you dont believe us then watch rick simpson documentary and stop your Suffering. One Love JD

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