1. Mark Anthony Baltieri Mark Anthony Baltieri United States says:

    I have it as well, but when I shut my favored eye, I can see good with my other eye?
    So I have 20/20 just not at the same time.
    I had the answers to the 3-D test they used to pass the military entrance as well I used those same answers to get onto the Police Dept.
    The only test I couldnt beat was a Professtional baseball team physical when i was being scouted by the Detroit Tigers.
    That test was crazy i looked into a double eye binocular type set and when i use my favored eye that i always use i could see a row of numbers, when i switched over to my other eye i only saw a arrow by itself?
    The tester/Doctor asked me what number was the arrow pointing to?
    I had no idea.
    So I was exposed and failed horribly.
    I wonder do these doctors not bother to develop a cure at later ages because were not worth the effort another words not enough money to cure a small pct.
    Of us one eye bandits.
    Well we all are surviving dispite them wicked people.
    I know if they put effort into it, they can cure it better then using the same old 200 year method of kh just stick a patch on the kid who cares.  
    Well I care and I'm donating my 80 million to research for the future children who suffer like we all did.
    I refused to be handicapped and still hit a baseball better then those with both eyes I pitched with great accuracy better then those with two eyes, I even boxed and knocked out 16 of 23 opponents with only one eye.
    Going 20-3
    If I didnt also suffer laziness along with lazy eye I may have went further lol.
    I do often wonder what it would be like to see with both eyes at the same time.
    Nobody seems to care weather we do or not?
    I guess we dont look to bad so we must be ok.
    Btw the way the reason I learned to fight so well
    Was because i wasnt going to let the other kids keep making fun of my lazy eye without suffering a swollen eye themselfs.  
    I was lucky I was too dumb to really understand i even had a handicap until i was grown.
    I do now need reading glasses like everyone else over a certain age.
    Im.55 and feel 35 except when i hurt myself then im 85 it takes so long to heal.  
    All if you, dont worry you made it this far in life, I know it sucks at times but I'll bet those 3d movies are not that great or they would make them all 3d.
    Us people will be ok and better then ok.
    Keep moving forward and dont let this lazy eye keep you down.  
    Love you all like family.

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