1. William Who William Who United States says:

    I turn 60 in a few months. I began participating in sports when I was six. I stopped playing when I was 15. The same year I became a sports official in baseball, football, and basketball.

    Over the decades, I averaged 250 to 350 games per year, including youth leagues, high school, junior college, private colleges, small universities, and industrial leagues. I will not bore you with the names of famous college and pro athletes that I know or know me.

    You said, "...where athletes in superb health are dropping dead in unheard of numbers...," without attributing a source. A quick Google search returns results of disinformation labels. The largest cardiac specialty organization in the world says that no athletes have died as a direct result of the COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC has no data to support the claim, nor does the NIH.

    One claim was that hundreds of FIFA players have died from cardiac-related complications after getting one or more of the vaccines. FIFA said they are "not aware of any scientifically validated link between COVID-19 vaccination and deaths in footballers.” Another FIFA representative doubted that their losses from COVID-19 exceeded or got close to 100.

    Jonathan Drezner, MD (UW Medicine Center for Sports Cardiology, Seattle), editor-in-chief of the British Journal of Sports Medicine and with the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, said, "I am not aware of any COVID-19 vaccine-related athletic death that’s occurred." The NCCSIR monitors all cases of sudden cardiac arrest and death among competitive athletes from middle school through the professional level.

    As a sports official and a member of five professional associations, our membership lost about 40 members to COVID-19 and none to the vaccine. By "none," I mean zero. Over 90% of certified sports officials in the US belong to one or more of those five groups.

    My spouse is a nurse working for the Department of the Army in a flight Medicine clinic. The Army reports zero casualties from the vaccine. However, they report that about 100 soldiers showed signs of pericarditis or myocarditis—all of those resolved over time. Locally, no soldiers received a medical discharge due to cardiac complications. I cannot find a source to obtain the number for the Army or other services.

    Since sports and the military comprise the population most at risk for both cardiac complications, I posit that with no deaths attributable to the vaccine reported, your source is fatally flawed. I recommend euthanasia for the misinformation you attempt to propagate.

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