1. joel mitchel joel mitchel United States says:

    OKdokey. This won't make much sense to you necessarily unless you believe the bible. Here's a christians point of view and what God's view would be. All death, disease, killing, eating of other non-plant life, greed, fighting, suffering, and homosexuality was never part of his original plan.. nor necessarily good. Humans aren't even supposed to have sex out of marriage. Just because animals do something only proves all of nature is "fallen" and effect by sin. In fact, the bible says many times over to NOT be like the animals that are driven about mindlessly by desires. Sorry.. animals kill each other.. that isn't proof it's ok. Also having a desire to do something, even if it is genetic, doesn't make it ok. I desire to steal.. not ok. I desire to sleep around... not ok. Some people may desire to kill.. they may be genetically predisposed to murder.. still not ok. Sometimes even if it is in our nature.. we can't do it.. if we listen to God. (I know some of you may not believe, but I just wanted to show you how we believe.. with our whole hearts.) What God says goes. Having sufficiently answered that point... the response by most disagreeing readers will be point to some other flaw with God/Faith. That response is usually an unknown frustration with what is usually a misunderstanding about God. But he loves you. And even though you may dislike him.. it is probably just because you misunderstand him. If you would like I could try to answer some other questions.. There is far more misunderstanding about God out there than understanding. If I can share some with you, please just let me know. I love you too, even if I don't know you directly. my email is just my first and last name smushed together at yahoo. Thanks for taking the time.

    • Richard Richard United States says:

      "Nor necessarily good" (On "disease, death, etc")

      It may not be "good", per se, nor was it part of the original plan, but God uses these things to test us and make us stronger.  Will we blame God for our problems or will we be like Job and praise God.

      "The Lord giveth and he taketh away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord." - Job 1:21 (I think)

      "Just because animals do something only proves all of nature is "fallen" and effect by sin."

      Are you suggesting that animals sin?  Animals cannot use reason or logic, therefore, they can't sin.  Humans need to stop putting themselves on the same level as animals because it's just an excuse to sin!

      "I know some of you may not believe, but I just wanted to show you how we believe"

      Bravo!  Unfortunately, people will still twist Christian doctrine to make us into a hateful, uncaring cult.

      Excellent comment!

    • AAron AAron United States says:

      Irrational, that's what you are. A religious tool to the humans that wrote those words down in that book. "God" didn't write the bible. That's a fact. joel mitchel you poor fool. I'm embarrassed by people like you in my country of "freedom". It's a right at birth, deal with it. You have freedom, everyone has it. Leave homos alone, they didn't do anything to you. and if one did, than it's their fault and should not be stereotyped to all the other homosexuals. and same with us straight people. It's time to grow up or shut up. People like you are the ones that enslaved African Americans here all those years ago.

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