1. Dennis Bergendorf Dennis Bergendorf United States says:

    Yes, and nearly 100% of animals with mate with their own offspring. Many species eat their young.

    • isa kocher isa kocher United States says:

      Parents virtually never mate with their offspring. Some species of mammals may eat the young of others. Never their own. Most species do not eat the young of their own species. Whoever made the statement that they do is simply not well informed. Human serial killers do eat their co-specific victims though. Not something any other animal does that I know of.

      • Chuck Hackworth Chuck Hackworth United States says:

        hippos, hyenas, polar bears, wolves, many fish and insects eat their own young.  You shouldn't post about what you don't know.

        • Cecelia Ferrara Cecelia Ferrara United States says:

          The animals who eat their own young usually suffer from the equivalent of postpartum depression in humans. Human mothers have killed their own children while suffering from this. It is just an imbalance of hormones and chemicals in the body as the mother transitions from being pregnant. I really wish that everyone would see that humans and animals have more in common than we think.

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