1. Michael Riviello Michael Riviello United States says:

    16 y/o little girls are prescribed birth control, while GROWN MEN who wish to take synthetic versions of their own sex's sex hormone are looked down upon, and any use which is not prescribed is, "abuse."  Tell that to the AIDS patients who have died because they were not prescribed AAS.  They're taking Nandrolone of the market, it just happens to be the most effective anti-wasting drug. Seems they wish to sell a less effective drug in order to make more money off of the higher doses needed of the new drug which will haveto replace it.  So seriously, for articles like this.. give me a break.

    * Liver damage is caused by cholestasis or glutathione depletion because of being an idiot and running oral only cycles of AAS, running too high of doses, and touching dangerous steroids without doctor supervision.

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